In our conversation with Claudia, we talked at length about her morning routine and how this ritual sets her day. For her part, she gets up at 6am and does yoga first (before coffee!) and after, she mediates for 30 minutes. From there, she showers and then a full hour later has coffee and writes her morning pages. For those who've never heard of morning pages, she was referring to a recommendation of The Artist's Way which suggest writing three pages of free thought streaming every day, preferably in the morning as a way to release all the noise that's stuck there and in the process, releasing and in an unintentional way releasing ideas. 

While I've tried the process on more than one occasion, I haven't ever been able to maintain them, most likely as I never committed at the onset for a set period of time which I've found is essential. 

But what this conversation did for me was set in motion a series of actions that has led to a definitive morning ritual for most days of the week. It's not all flushed out and I'm still terrible at managing my own time in a way that allows for creating, reading, researching and wandering, the beginning part at least has set a form of a discipline and a foundation that does shift the rest of the day. 

Where I fall down is seeing a discomfort with loose time or when things get difficult or a near inability to "commit" to block times for creating. It's in those moments where hopping on social media channels becomes the great distraction. 

So - it would be great to hear from YOU! What are your rituals? How do you structure or not structure your time? What tools have you found useful? Will look for your comments and thoughts and appreciate them!

And if you didn't listen to the podcast with Claudia - do check it out! And enjoy some of her projects below.

Clockwise from top left: Pinwheel installation, closeup of community-created pinwheels, HULA installation; What is a lot billboard installed in the Point Neighborhood in Salem which was filled out by the community; Get to the Point community project.

Trained as an architect in Los Angeles, Claudia Paraschiv is irrevocably committed to the study of public space, especially participatory projects in public space.

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