This show with Lili Love is exactly like it sounds - one filled to the brim with a playful goodness that draws a smile from deep inside.

As a good part of her foundation is photography that was one tightly bound with her youngest son - a boy who was happiest roaming the woods lost in discovery, we talked through the intimacy and longing in the pictures  and the turn it took when her boy became  ill. Lili bravely opens up about the stark shift from collaborator to caretaker, and the reconciliation of needing to let go of photography. It's a story closely intertwined with the rebuilding of her home which was demolished due to a mold infestation, and in the process, allowing creativity to flourish in other areas of life.

As a being of comfort and loveliness, Lili's playfulness and childhood whimsy surfaces repeatedly: creativity is the tread which connects all the pieces of her life together. The space she creates for her family, her nostalgic collections of objects, teacups and  eclectic prints and posters, her varied endeavors of baking, knitting, stitching and crafting. Her very being and all she brings forth always reminds me of how I felt playing as a child. 

Lili has recently collaborated with a photographer in the States on a Feathered Project  which brought her unique vision to light in a new way - one that tells a story of hope and longing, of childhood and nostalgia, of all the loveliness that is Lili. 

Lili's work
Her project collaboration: Feathered