Richard's first words after listening to our interview were "passionate audacity" ... I'd add to that, authentic bravery. In this deeply personal conversation, we ride the tides of love and the poignancy of devastation. Amanda is an artist based in Tallahassee, Florida; a native of the state in every way, she bares her soul and boldly guides us through the ebb and flow of her life. I've watched her grow and transform. I've been a witness to the projects the Universe rightly placed in her hands. I've been fortunate to have met her a few times in real life both in my area and as a guest in her home. I've squeezed the little and big men in her life and was immersed in the jewels and gems she surrounds herself in. I experienced the light she lives for and stand alongside her on the path we've chosen. 

To see all of her work including her powerful series of post partum depression, follow the links below.


A portrait photographer living in Tallahassee, FL, Amanda primarily photographs mothers and their children. The mother and child bond is something that is so complex yet so easily translated into photographs as something real, emotional and intimate. 

Amanda spends her days raising two young sons, exploring the abundant natural resources that North and Central Florida has to offer. When heads, hearts and hands are experiencing nature together, we are at our happiest. 

Nothing accumulates in my life but nature, love & photographs.