My Life Playbook & My Life Printables Bundle

My Life Playbook & My Life Printables Bundle

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My Life Playbook and My Life Printable Bundle 

Includes one hard copy of My Life Playbook plus five digital downloads. 

My Life Playbook - a guided creative journal for kids promoting emotional wellness and resiliency.

For kids age 7-12.

This beautiful journal is bursting with inspirational colouring pages, journal pages, activities and drawing and writing prompts designed to promote self awareness, social awareness and mindfulness. Examples of activities include; developing a gratitude practice, setting intentions, using affirmations, visioning, facing fears and more! 

My Life Playbook can also be used as a social emotional learning resource for teachers, homeschoolers and therapists. 

My Life Printable Bundle 

This bundle contains 74 pages of fun activities and journal prompts on the big  topics affecting kids today. Use these booklets to guide family discussion or as a creative independent activity for kids. 


1. Self Awareness 

2. Mistakes and Vulnerability

3. Diversity, Inclusion, Conflict & Cooperation

4. Friendships, Values & Boundaries

5. Gratitude