Creative Prompts for Rainy Days

Today is one of those days. It's a low key Friday and it's been raining all day.

Unless I can get the kids suited up and out for a rain walk we might need some creative activities to fill in the gaps! Creativity doesn't have to take a lot of planning or structure, kids can easily be inspired by things that already exist inside the house.

Try these creative prompts with your kids to help bring the sunshine indoors!  Remember not to pressure the outcome, the whole point of creativity is that kids are using their imaginations, right?!  Encourage kids take to be inspired by these prompts and allow them to take them to a whole new level if they feel so inspired.

To make a fun challenge write these prompts out on bits of paper and have kids choose one at random! 

10 Rainy Day Creative Prompts

1. Build a Robot using materials you find around the house or in the recycling bin. 

2. Create a dramatic scene on the floor using blankets, towels and other items you can find at home. 

3. Draw a comic strip of a day in your future life. What kind of house do you live in?  What do you do in the morning, afternoon and evening? Who do you hang out with? 

4. Find your favourite toy and draw it as best you can. 

5. Write a  poem called "MY BEST DAY EVER" and write about what your most awesome day would include. 

6. Turn on some music and dance! 

7. Create a secret handshake with a sibling or parent. 

8. Write your name in very fancy letters. 

9. Create a 3D object using only paper and tape. 

10. Dream up a funny character you can become for the afternoon. What would this character wear? How do they act? Make up a name for yourself!