About Us

My Life Creative 

At My Life Creative we empower kids with products that promote emotional wellness, mindfulness and resilience. We sell interactive creative tools that help kids up level their confidence and self awareness. We prioritize children's social emotional learning by teaching gratitude, positive self talk, intention setting, positive mindset, self compassion and creative self exploration. My Life Creative’s mission is to encourage kids to value themselves, think outside the box and promote love and kindness always. 

My Life Creative kids: 

  • Have increased confidence and self awareness
  • Come up with creative solutions 
  • Understand and manage their emotions
  • Set and achieve positive goals
  • Develop and maintain a positive outlook 
  • Show empathy for others
  • Establish healthy relationships


Katherine Earl  - Founder 


Katherine Earl, My Life Creative Founder on couchI was a kid who was always creating! I would draw, paint and write for hours on end bringing my imagination to life. When I was making art I had the space for myself to process my experiences and the world around me. 

As a certified teacher, artist, consultant and program director in the non profit arts sector I pride myself on merging the arts, literacy and personal development in all that I do. Aside from classroom teaching, I’ve designed over 200 community building arts programs resulting in a variety of small and large scale public art pieces and performance events. 

Having my own kids expanded my interests to include childrens’ wellness and mindfulness. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit in 2020 I wondered how we could ensure that our kids were coping amidst all the changes to their school and family life.  My Life Creative was born out of a desire to arm kids with creative strategies that help them to focus on the positive and build reslience so they can support themselves emotionally now and forever.