Grants Made Easy: Live Webinar and Q & A


Thursday March 28th, 10am EST


  • have a small business and BIG dreams

  • desire an influx of non-repayable money to fund new initiatives, hiring, equipment, technology or anything else that will take your biz to the next level.

  • have heard of business grants, but don't know where to look for the opportunities

  • find the idea of grants intimidating and overwhelming 

      I provide my TOP TIPS to help you find and write stellar grant applications to fund your wildest biz-related dreams! 

      I'll share:

      • How I raised $75,000+ for my own businesses through grants and bursaries and how I got so good at it.

      • How to find grants to suit your business and industry

      • My top tips for writing grant applications that stick out 

      • How going for grants is actually not as hard or time consuming as you think it is.  

      Fee: Only $35 CAD * lifetime replay provided to all registrants.

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