The Part-time Jungle Podcast with Tiana Fetch 

Listen now - Creativity and Resilience 

In this episode, Katherine Earl and Tiana Fetch talk about: 
  • How to strike a balance between work and motherhood
  • How creativity and resilience go hand in hand. 
  • Encouraging creativity in our children


Today's Parent Holiday Gift Guide 2021

Woo hoo! Creative Affirmation Cards are featured as a part of Today's Parent 2021 Holiday Gift Guide! Check us out at this link:

50 Awesome Stocking Stuffers for Kids



CTV News 

Katherine Earl sharing helpful tips on how parents can help support kids with back to school anxiety by teaching them how to use positive self talk and affirmations. 


CTV News 

My Life Creative Founder sharing some fun tips for parents working remotely with little ones at home during summer break 2021. 


The Productpreneur Podcast with Nicole de Larzac

LISTEN NOW: The Power of Intuition in the Creative Process - Katherine Earl 

 In this podcast Katherine chats with Nicole de Larzac about: 
- How using intuition can help guide your creative process
- The power of personal development, flow and not worrying about the outcome
- Leveraging PR for your product business
- How a vision and brand strategy can clarify the direction for your business and products
- and more! 


A Little Bit Better Podcast with Chris Swail


 a little it better podcast with Chris swail imageKatherine Earl of My Creative Life joins Chris Swail in this episode to talk about the lows and highs of life and how her mindset journey led her to find and follow her dreams. It's an inspiring tale for all who have an unfulfilled dream and you'll get some insight into her mindfulness journal created for kids. If we start our little ones off with mindset and awareness teaching, who knows how far they will go!



Katherine Earl sharing mood-boosting spring break activities to help kids reset after a tough winter. 



Katherine Earl shares some key lessons on self-love and why it’s important for our kids to learn it.



Katherine Earl of My Life Creative discussing how to teach mindfulness to kids to help them manage pandemic stress. 

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