Help kid fall in love with themselves this Valentine's Day!

Helping our kids to truly love themselves is a process. Unfortunately there is no magic wand and it can feel like a "one step forward, two steps back" kind of situation. What you can do is be consistent and provide strategies they can use to help them love themselves even when their inner critic is stealing the mic. 

Tips on how you can include SELF-LOVE in your parenting toolkit:


Show your kids that you honour and love yourself. 

This means cutting out the negative self talk in the mirror, it means ditching the mom/dad guilt, it means practicing self care. If they see you actively loving yourself, your kids will be more likely to follow suit. 


Affirmations are positive statements statements that often start with the words “I am” or “ I can”. Introducing affirmations as a part of your child's routine can have a huge impact on a child’s well-being, especially as they build their self-image and learn how to navigate their feelings. Positive affirmations can help to mold a child’s inner narrative and help them develop tangible self-regulation skills. 


Self compassion means loving yourself when you don’t really want to. It’s coming to terms with the fact that nobody is perfect, we all mess up, and we have the power to ditch the shame and guilt. Parents can encourage kids to love themselves unconditionally, even through their most vulnerable and embarrassing moments. It's these moments that help us learn the most. 

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