Mood-Boosting Creative Activities

We are all spending a LOT of time together in the house these days aren't we?

Pandemic parenting is not easy on parents or the kids. I know I'm always on the look out for creative activities that will engage the kids without requiring a whole lot of effort or set up on my part!

I've come up with 3 easy crafts that will keep kids busy, increase their mood and help to build resilience! To make it even simpler, you will likely have all the materials already kicking around the house. 

D.I.Y. Gratitude Journal

Parents can give a blank notebook for kids to personalize with stickers, cut outs and drawings. Each day the kids can use the journal to record 3 things they are grateful for. Encouraging them to notice what they are grateful for will help them focus on their positive experiences rather than the negative ones. 

Kindness Rocks

Kids can collect rocks from outside and paint positive words on them in bright colours. Then they can go on a neighbourhood walk and hide the stones for other kids to find. Kids will feel good that they have spread positivity by creating a moment of connection and joy in another child’s life.

“I am” Jars

Kids can decorate a glass jar with photos of them and cut outs of things that they like. Then parents can encourage them to write down all the things that they love about themselves on bits of paper starting with the phrase “I am”, for example: “I am brave” or “I am kind”. Parents can also add positive notes for their children, for example: “you are patient” or “you are great at sharing”. When kids are feeling down or defeated, they can dump out the jar and read the affirmations inside to help cheer them up and build their confidence!