Encouraging Self Love by Teaching Positive Self Talk


Our kids have endured a lot of changes over the course of this pandemic. It is so impressive just how adaptive kids can be!  Still we have to be mindful that they are struggling with the same things as adults; social isolation, lack of motivation, low morale, seasonal blues and Covid-19 fatigue. 

Check out this link of Katherine Earl chatting on Global News Morning about how teaching kids how to use affirmations can help build self esteem.  Affirmations are positive statements that start with "I am", "I can" and "I choose".  When repeated they can change a negative mindset into a positive one! 

Here are some ways you can teach your kids how to use affirmations: 

1. Create affirmations with your kids

Ask kids questions that will give you clues about what is bothering them. For example: "What are you worried about? What do you wish you were better at?" Then simply flip these answers into positive statements!  An answer like: "I miss my friends, I am lonely" becomes "I am so loved, I am being safe, I can see my friends again soon".  Check out  My Life Playbook for activities on how to create personalized affirmations. 

2. Find ways to incorporate affirmations into everyday life.

Repeat affirmations to make them stick! Consider including  them as a part of a morning or evening routine or have your child create affirmation signs to post around the house so they can "see it to believe it"! 

3. Model the positive self talk you want to see in your kids! 

Start the day with a positive affirmation like: "I am so excited to get moving today" or "Today is going to be a great day". Your optimism will set the tone for a positive day!