Yoga for the Young Mind, Body and Soul

Have you ever noticed that kids will naturally strike a perfect yoga pose without even thinking of it? 

Kids are always bending and twisting intuitively and subconsciously often when they are doing other tasks (watching TV, being silly, or telling stories)!  The physical need to bend and stretch seems like an innate quality that we unfortunately tend to lose over time. 

There is a reason why we include fun yoga pose challenges in both My Life Playbook and Creative Affirmation Cards.  As it turns out, there are some REAL benefits to teaching kids how to mindfully move their bodies and breath! 

Kids who dabble in yoga:  

  • Have enhanced physical and mental well-being.
  • A stronger mind-body connection.
  • Are more relaxed and happier overall 
  • Gain agility, flexibility and strength  
  • Have improved concentration, attention and memory

Here are some tips to help introduce kids to a yoga practice:  

  1. Keep it light: When introducing yoga, let go of the pressure to get it right, kids are still learning about their bodies so poses might look a little different on them then they would on an adult. Just have fun moving the body in different ways. Let them have fun with the poses and enjoy the sillies that come when they lose their balance! 
  2. Get involved: Kids will be more inclined to try new things if parents take the lead. The great news is that if you show up on the mat too, you have a beautiful opportunity to connect with your child AND you will experience the physical and emotional benefits as well! 
  3. Use a guide : My kids LOVE Cosmic Kids Yoga videos on YouTube, or you could use our Creative Affirmation Cards or My Life Playbook, which both provide yoga challenges for kids! 

Remember yoga is about the breath as much as it is about movement. So while you're exploring poses, encourage your child to be mindful of their breathing patterns. As they get used to being aware of their breath and movements you can try more challenging poses and sequences!